The pink dolphins of Hong Kong

Away in an old fishing village, there are regular tours of something I have never heard of before, pink dolphins. More commonly called the Chinese White Dolphin but affectionately called pink dolphins for this unusual pink and white-colored dots making themselves stand out against the dark water. I found this tour in Tai O village,…

 Hot Springs ☆ Honk Kong

These are not like normal hot springs  you are thinking of. These hot springs are way too hot to swim in. It’s nice to visit this spot and you can even grab a cup of coffee but there is not much else in this area.

Hong Kong madness

Hong Kong is a city built in layers that rise high into the sky; always busy and awake. The people working in this crazy city work one of the longest work hours of the world.

Big Buddha on Lantau Island

Big Buddha on Lantau Island was built on the beautiful grounds of Po Lin Monastery. The real name of Big Buddha is Tian Tan Buddha and was built in 1993 out of bronze and stands about 111 feet. Big Buddha isn’t old for Asia standards but is absolutely worth the trip. It takes 268 steps…