You don’t have to be rich to travel. You can travel internationally alone. This is what drives me to keep going. I plan and research all my own trips because I am my own version of a travel agent. I love to try new things and always looking for the best “hole-in-the-wall.” I was, like so many others, bitten by the travel bug early. Having a foreign father and hearing stories from both of my parents of faraway lands, I was hooked immediately. My grandmother moved to America late in her life and brought with his her old ‘tried and true’ method of cooking and I was spoiled with this very different culture my entire childhood.
I started with trips down to Florida to visit family for the summer, or family trips out west. My mother has always been a saint in my eyes She was a hardworking school teacher and having the benefit of the entire summer off our family was always on the road doing something to write about for the following school years “what did you do over the summer ” paper. Then came bigger trips to Europe and then I started to plan trips alone and never stopped. I have traveled to 36 of 195 countries in the world. France is the next country on my list.

I now write, travel, take photos, and eat. I feel like this type of life makes me happy and money, there is no better way of life for me. Endlessly learning and experiencing new cultures by taking the time to talk to people.

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