Walking up this large front lawn of the Reichstag on nice day makes me want to sit and have an afternoon lunch. There is no time for this in Berlin there is just too much amazing things to see. The Reichstag building is a parliament building and has strict guidelines to get in the door. Be sure your bring your passport. I never tell anyone to go wandering around the city with their passport on then, but every rule has its exception.

Walking into the beautiful glass and mirror dome that spirals up to the observation deck overlooking Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate is a short walk away. The city is very well layed out from The Reichstag building. The holocaust memorial isn’t too much further than the Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island is further past that. I don’t recommend trying to rush yourself and see it all in one day.

Reichstag is a must if it is the first of the fiftieth time you are coming here. Just the walk up to the top is a piece of living art to the view of this unique city. I can’t get enough Berlin

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